13. Dateline Gun-Xiang / Woo Escapes!

13. Dateline Gun-Xiang / Woo Escapes!

Jimmy Woo here and for weeks I have received no word of Mr. Doogan. I myself have survived many harrowing adventures in my disguised role of Notorious Warlord Chun King’s personal physician, traveling with his rampaging army as it cuts a bloody swath through the chaotic southern provinces.

This last week we found ourselves once more besieging the Gun-Xiang monastery. I now believe I have uncovered the reason behind the General’s obsession with the normally peaceful monks. In a large wagon pulled by no less then ten oxen, hidden beneath a canvas cover, is the strange electronic cannon device which I had earlier spied in Chun’s mountain strong-hold. Readers may remember that I had linked this weird scientific apparatus with the missing American inventor that Mr. Doogan and I are tasked with finding on behalf of the honorable Hearst newspaper chain.

I am now more certain then ever that this weapon must be a creation of Dr. Ortega. From the varied conversations I have had with the mercenaries of Chun King, it seems that the strange device cannot function as it is missing a critical part, the previously mentioned Promethean Vacuum Tube. This component, it seems, has somehow come into the possession of the monks of Gun-Xiang.

As to myself, I began to fear that my medical disguise was starting to be questioned by my captors. This was partly due to the large purple body rash Chun King developed after using the herbal ointment I prescribed for his gout. As well, my skills at acupuncture, while improving, have been a source of growing suspicion. Sensing impeding danger, I committed myself to escape at the earliest opportunity.

It was not long before that opportunity presented itself. Chung once again boldly assaulted the monastery ramparts and as the battle raged I successfully made my way through the smoke and flame only to become trapped amidst the ruined buildings of a nearby village.

As the shells rained down I said my final prayers but fate intervened and I was confronted by several warrior monks who, taking me for a soldier of Chun, made me captive. Inside the Monastery I had the miraculous good fortune of being recognized by two of the monks who, as things turned out, were cousins of mine-twin brothers from the Chin side of my family. Defeated once more, the warlord has retreated and I remain with the Chin twins and the other holy men, safe for now and soon to discover the secret connection between the monks of Gun-Xiang and Dr. Raullo Ortega.

This is Jimmy Woo saying, do not worry Mrs. Doogan as you retire to bed this evening and do not forget to release your cat from your home.