11. Dateline Unknown / Doogan Takes a Fall

Doogan here and I’m lucky to be alive!

Apologies go out to my faithful readers but this reporter has been out of circulation for a while. I am victim of circumstances beyond the control of even my esteemed publisher Mr. Hearst, who sent me on this assignment to find missing American Electrical Physicist, creator of Aluminium Helio-Vapor, Dr. Raullo Ortega. Regular subscribers will recall, when last I wrote, I was trapped inside a dark container of some sort with only my trusty Remington portable noiseless typewriter to keep me company.

The next installment of my adventure began when I was awakened by rough hands grabbing me by the scruff and unceremoniously dragging me from what turned out to be a large shipping crate. I was immediately thrust into a wind-blasted open doorway. My eyes, accustomed to total darkness, were blinded by the glare of daylight. Without a word, my masked abductors gave me kick in the posterior and I instinctively prepared to land in a gutter. Instead I found myself falling like a sack of hammers through the blue yonder.

Plummeting towards certain doom, I was just able to glimpse a very large aircraft receding in the distance. I found myself smiling at the irony of meeting my fate in this altitudinous manner, reminded of my second wife Leota who accidentally tangled my ankle in the rope of a hot air balloon during our honeymoon in the Pokinos.

Suddenly I heard a deafening roar and I was seized by a pair of strong arms which arrested my precipitous decent. Turning, I saw my rescuer was some sort of flying man wearing a backpack which spewed a jet of flame. At that moment my savior was struck hard by a falling metal object, which turned out to be my typewriter-obviously thrown from the plane immediately after me. Fortune smiled once again and I was able grab hold of my prized possession but the damage inflicted to my rescuer’s flying equipment was already done. His dented rocket began to sputter and we commenced to plummet once more. By the slimmest margin the flying man was able to re-start his engine just before the fatal impact and we careened into a swampy patch of ground, narrowly escaping death.

At this point in my narrative I must leave you gentle readers. Be sure, I will return to enlighten you with the next thrilling installment of my adventure. Until then, turn the lights off Ma and let the cat out. This is Doogan signing off.

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