3: Dateline China Station/ Woo Joins Quest for Missing Scientist

Cub reporter Jimmy Woo here, Mr. Doogan is lucky to be alive.

Tracking down a reliable source this Thursday past, Mr. Doogan learned why only a qualified and experienced individual should ever attempt to pull a rickshaw, especially when encumbered by a 300-pound German mining engineer who has just shared the last of his reserve case of peppermint schnapps. The principals of physics governing the function of a medieval catapult were aptly demonstrated to every person in the vegetable market.

It should be noted that now the phrase, ‘There goes Doogan’, results in most residents of the market district turning their faces to the sky.

Mr. Doogan is currently recovering in his room at Mrs. Lau’s House for Fallen Flowers (and similarly fallen Americans) while I, Jimmy Woo, have been deputized as a ‘reporter in training’ for the honorable Hearst Newspaper Syndicate.  This reporter will aid Mr. Doogan’s epic quest for the whereabouts of missing scientist, Dr. Raullo Ortega, developer of the top secret X-Ray Radiograph machine.

Until next time, Mr. Doogan requests that you turn your lights out Mother Doogan and let your pet cat into the back yard; this is Jimmy Woo signing off.